Are Hackers Evil?

Next to Stealing, Hackers Love to Attack the Word of God, the Bible, and Anything that mentions Jesus. But hackers need to Be Aware that while they may seem to “get away with it”, and may even be forgiven by us mere Mortals – “Vengeance is the Lords Domain!” Nahum 1:2 “……The Lord takes vengeance on his foes  and vents his wrath against his enemies.” Well folks, this site has now been hacked twice in the span of 2 weeks.  I am sorry for this inconvenience.  The enemy thinks this will make me quit! While inconvenient and a hindrance to my readership and my ministry, I am comforted and reassured in knowing that my message is annoying Satan the enemy – and all of his evil doers who foolishly do his dirty work! Rest assured, this only drives me and re-enforces my committment to serve the Lord! Let me assure you that these evil attempts by hackers motivates me to write even more and more often. I promise them and I promise you…..I will never stop sharing the word of God as the spirit guides me, and no force whether mortal or malevalent will derail my efforts to serve God almighty. Until kingdom Come or God takes me home – I will remain a servant and a messenger for the Lord.  The More Satan Attacks – the More I Will Serve the Lord God the Almighty! Do you think my ministry will be intimidated by the servants of Satan, when I serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Are Hackers Evil? 👿 Any act that inflicts harm or suffering whether physical or emotional, is an evil act.  Now when it...

The Evil Newtown CT Massacre – Dealing with The Grief

How can we Overcome the Grief That we Feel from the Evil Act in Newtown How we can Commemorate the Lives of those that were lost in Sandy Hook Elementary School……and Related Bible Versus I had a different message all planned out for today, but like many of you I find it hard to focus on much else.  I know that for those who have a conscience….we feel numb, sad and we just want to grieve.  We feel weak, and we are sick and tired of all the evil and hatred and garbage that we have all endured in 2012, and years past. Obviously, the grief that many throughout this nation are experiencing today, is nothing like those who lost a child or sibling or family member this past Friday morning at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT.  I have absolutely no doubt that every one of those children’s parents, given the chance, would gladly have sacrificed their lives as a substitute for their innocent child’s life. Other than the love of God and Jesus, there is no greater earthly example of love than the love a parent bears for their children.  It is unconditional love – just like God’s love for us.  The love that a parent has for their child is a God given trait, a blessing, and an example of the creator’s great love for all of us. So was Christmas stolen on 12/14/12? Well for those who lost their loved ones I am certain that there will be no joy on Christmas eve nor Christmas day for them.  There will persist a permanent emptiness in their hearts that...

Does Satan or the Devil Exist?

Are there Just Evil People in the World – or is Satan for Real? What the Bible Teaches us about Satan; the Devil…. I write this blog today due to recent conversations with individuals who actually believe that Satan or the  Devil (both terms refer to the same being) do not really exist.  Some people actually believe that there exist no evil spirits roaming the earth.  They believe that there are just good people that mysteriously turn evil and start creating evil acts; all without the persuasion of evil spirits, demons or Satan.  The saddest part of this is that some of these folks are professing Christians! These are the same folks who walk around confused and feeling helpless asking “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people” whenever tragedy strikes.  They blame God for everything as if Satan does not exist. They cannot explain all of the horrible acts of violence and hatred all around us.  They have lots of questions, but they have no answers because they lack the word of God and the bible in their life.  As God teaches us in the Bible “my people perish for lack of Knowledge”  Hosea 4:6 Well these so called Christians, just like the unbelievers, are devoid of the words and teachings of the bible, which clearly teaches that Satan, demonic spirits and invisible principalities do indeed exist in the world all around us.  Satan in fact is called the prince of the earth – until Jesus Christ returns to claim back the earth and bring forth new heavens and a new earth….as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords (Revelation  19:11-16)...

Why is There So Much Evil in Today’s World?

Is all this evil a sign of the End Times? Unfortunately, evil and evil acts will only get worse in the last days. Let’s find out why… What is Evil? Evil is anything that is contrary to love, or opposed to God.  Sin is based on evil acts, and that is why God created laws and commandments – all designed to keep us from developing into evil  souls. Evil hates peace, laws and rules and therefore thrives in a corrupt, violent and lawless world.  Wikopedia generally defines evil as the opposite of good. Satan and his army has certainly made great strides in advancing his hidden agenda of destroying mankind. He does not care if we are Christian, Muslim, Jew or Atheist – he hates all people equally.  He does not discriminate against his evil hatred towards all of God’s creation. Satan hates God.  He hates us because we were all made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), and unlike Symbols of Evil Satan, we all have the opportunity to become God’s children at the end of this age! Today we see less and less justice coming about from evil acts. It seems lately that evil wins out over good the majority of the time.   Throughout the gospels Jesus Christ warns us that a evil spirit of wickedness would overwhelm our world in the last days.  Since the majority of mankind today does not believe in God – it’s easy for Satan to convince them of his evil lies. Satan is the personification of evil, and thus he has no love or compassion. To Satan love is a sign of utter...

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