There is a Choice That Many May Someday be Required to Make…on that day it will be Whether to Pledge Allegiance to Christ or to (Christ’s impostor) the Antichrist.

In this post, I will try to give you a glimpse of what the Antichrist will be like, and to clearly eliminate any doubts in your mind as to why the choice for Christ will be the better one….

The Antichrist, when he finally reveals himself to the world, during the end of days (7 year tribulation period as revealed in the book of revelation in the Bible) will not be this horrible looking monstrous disfigured beast-like being with a solid red

Christ vs Antichrist

Christ vs. Antichrist

complexion and 2 or more horns on his head.

Satan wants you to believe that he, the Antichrist or hell does not exist.  That he and an Antichrist are all a big silly myth.  So over the years we have been conditioned to portray Satan as this fictitious red faced Halloween like character with horns, and have dropped our guard – thinking that it is all a fairy tail!

This Antichrist figure will not be a grotesque monster like being.  He will be very much like you and I.  He could very well have that “leading man” kind of look!.  After all, the Antichrist, will be from the seed of Lucifer who (before he corrupted himself and became Satan) was the most beautiful angel and illumined the very throne of God.  Regardless of his outward physique, the Antichrist will be an incredible speaker with lots of charisma…kind of like Hitler was!  He will be full of wisdom, charm, political correctness and will be the kind of person who can make many feel at ease.  The point here is that he will deceive many, either by his natural abilities or via supernatural means, to honor, worship and submit to him. Read Revelation 13:4

This Antichrist (a counterfeit Jesus Christ figure who will actually be empowered by Satan) will be the kind of leader that the people (who do not know the true God) will be desperately seeking in a chaotic lost world with a failing financial and political system (kind of like what was happening prior to World War 2, and is going on all around us today).

During these end times, people weary of wars and rumors of war, lack of jobs, unjust political and financial world system, will eventually embrace the Antichrist, who will offer them peace and financial security via his one world government “scheme“.  Along with the one world government, the Antichrist will create a one world religious system.  To those who inhabit the earth in the last days it will all seem like this Antichrist is the “long awaited Messiah”!  This proposed one world order; will be a political and religious system that could seemingly eliminate the hatred and unrest fostered by the conflicting worldwide political and religious systems that permeate the globe today.  At least that is the rhetoric that the Antichrist may use to appeal to the Masses in those days!

The world unwittingly will embrace this one world government thinking that it will provide security, when in reality it will only allow Satan and the Antichrist to take full control of the earth during this 7 year tribulation period!  Ultimately it will lead to the persecution and martyrdom of all those who refuse to worship the Antichrist and Satan, and the near annihilation of all life on earth.  Only intervention by God almighty will prevent the extinction of all life on earth. The 7 year reign of antichrist will indeed be a literral Hell on Earth! 

You see…..As we will learn in part 2 of this 2 part post, God never intended for man to create his own one world government (read Genesis 11:1-9).  God knew from the very beginning that because of our corrupted sinful nature, Satan would easily take control of any one world government that did not follow the laws of God, or any religious system that is void of Jesus Christ as its figurehead!

We will conclude this lesson, in part 2 (by 12/30/2011)…

In the meantime, if you want to know more about who our present and future enemy called the Antichrist is I invite you once again to check out my free 22 part course on the book of Revelation!  In the interim, I pray that God almighty inspire you to develop an unquenchable thirst for his word, that through his word, you may indeed attain eternal life through Christ Jesus!

May God bless you.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Robert Rite

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