The book of Revelation was written around AD 95 based on historical time lines (during the reign of Roman ruler Domitian (Titus Flavius Caesar Domitianus Augustus; 24 October 51 – 18 September 96 was Roman Emperor from 81 to 96 AD.  Domitian was the third and last emperor of the Flavian dynasty).

The Book of Revelation is the ONLY book of the Bible that promises a blessing to those who read or hear it! This last book of the bible, not only reveals things to happen in the last days (it is truly loaded with prophesy), but more importantly it reveals….

We must understand as we study this incredible book of mysteries, that this book was written in riddles because at that time, the Christians were under persecution by the Romans.  Cesar expected all to honor only him as God, and no one else! So those who honored Jesus and the church would be martyred.  Also, this last book of the bible may seem confusing because it is not written in chronological order from chapters 1 through 22.  I offer the following explanation:
Rev 6 through19 is a chronology of the 7 year tribulation period; interrupted with vignettes Chapters 6, 8,9,16 carry forward the chronological order.
Ch 4 and 5 introduce church and heaven.
Chapter 7 shows God’s grace by sealing 144,000.
Chapter 10 talks about the seven thunders.
Chapter 11 predicts a false temple, and shows God’s grace by the 2 witnesses Moses and Elijah who are rejected showing how terrible mankind has truly become. Chapter 12 is about Israel and anti-semitism and explains why God will punish mankind for rejecting his people and his land, who where a great blessing to all the nations and peoples of the world.
Chapter 13: a biography of the Antichrist and false prophet, Chapter 14; discusses the 144,000 servants, their triumphs, and Christ’s relationship with them. Chapter 15:
talks about the victory of the Martyrs,
Chapter 17: talks about mystery Babylon,
Chapter 18: talks about Babylon in the economic perspective.
Chapter 19 talks about Jesus triumphant return.
Chapter 20 introduces the kingdom to come. Chapter 19 talks about Jesus triumphant return.
With that in mind let’s read chapter 1, after each chapter (in Italics and underlined; so as to separate itself from the Holy words of the book of Revelation), I will endeavor to unlock the prophesies of each chapter!
I pray that this 22 part course (Chapter’s 1 to 22) is a great blessing for you, as it has been for me to write it, and answers some of the questions that you may have.
Below are the links to each Chapter, so let’s begin this exciting journey today, starting with Chapter 1 below (there is a link to each chapter below as well)…..

Lord God, I pray that this Bible study is a blessing to each reader, and that it helps them to better understand the mysteries of this last book of the Holy Bible.   May the reader better understand the meaning of Jesus Christ, who he was, and who he is now that he is fully glorified in heaven.  I  have interpreted as best I can and I pray that this course inspire each reader to develop a deep heartfelt desire to further study the book of the bible.  In doing so, I pray that each reader develop a closer relationship with God; and asks God into their lives to secure eternal life for themselves.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

 Dear Readers:

This course was published in 2011.  Although still quite relevant (as God’s word never changes), so many prophetic events have come to pass over the past 4 years, that I was compelled to publish several books over this period to update my readers. I also created a new website that focuses on my prophetic books at
I list below Three of my most current books that compliment and update the information found within this course. I encourage you to grab one or all of these publications:

Apocalypse Countdown 2015-2021
Blood Moons Rising
Signs in the Heavens

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