Learn How to Correctly Pray for That Perfect Job

What the Bible Teaches us about How we Should Pray for a “Job”, Health or Anything……

When we pray for a jobor anything, we are in direct communication with our creator God almighty.  So we need to be careful on how we pray


Praying for a “Job”, or?

and what we ask for, and how we ask.  If we pray with the right frame of mind, we will receive our answer.  If we pray with frustration, anger, and requesting quick results, well you should know how far that will take you – and it certainly will NOT land you that perfect job!

How important are our prayers to God?
Every word that we pray is recorded in Heaven forever (Revelation 8:3-4). Jesus our Lord, said that if we had the faith of a mustard seed, then we could move mountains.

Because of God’s gift to us to decide how we wish to live out our lives, God rarely intervenes, so God needs our prayer/authority to intervene in our lives. Jesus promised us that when we ask anything (obviously anything that is good and in accordance with God’s plans for our life – such as a job), that we will receive it.  John 14:13-14

Based on these promises, we can be at peace recognizing that if it is good for us, God will hear and answer our prayer.  Is it good for us to find a job, or to be healed from an illness?  Of course it is! So we need to pray earnestly and in faith knowing that God will answer our prayers at the right time – his appointed time.

I believe that we at times do not get our answer as quickly as we want to, perhaps that job is just not ready for you yet.  But let’s understand that the Lord will answer our prayer, but he will answer it in accordance with God’s timetable, not ours.

Many people pray and then stop praying within days, due to impatience or lack of faith.  They may have prayed just short of having received God’s blessing!

To find a job or the answer to any prayer, the Bible teaches us to pray constantly and meditate regularly for the job.  We must pray constantly for the job because we cannot expect to ask for something just once and we will immediately receive it.  We must learn to “Wait” on the Lord.   We live in an instant gratification society, and we all want it “Now”.  Well that won’t happen when it comes to prayer!  God wants the best for us, so that when we pray for a job with patience, God will search for that “PERFECT” job for us.   God may even influence employers and even alter situations to make it happen, so that the “perfect job” may eventually fall right on your lap.  After all, God knows about every job out there, he knows every employer out there and job seeker too – whether we know him or not, God is the most influential person in the Universe!  You most definitely want God on your side, when seeking a job 😉

Of course you can’t just sit back in your Lazy chair and expect the employers to call you.  You must earnestly seek out that job, always praying and meditating on God’s word and promises with patience and faith. When you run into a job that you want, you should pray with faith – earnestly for that job, and if it is good for you, God will most likely open that door for you.

When it comes to praying for a job or anything else that we need, Persistence and Repetition is good.  God wants us to ask repeatedly, he will never tire from hearing our faithful prayers.  After all, when we are searching for a job we do not just send out 1 resume do we? No, we send out many, many and sometimes even many more.  But persistence will eventually lead to great results.

This lesson will not discuss how to prepare for an interview, that is beyond the scope of this message.  However, as the owner of a company that has interviewed many job hunters, let me just add some Key tips for you:

1) On the initial call do NOT ask for job specifics, especially NOT about the salary, hours of work, benefits, etc.
2) Dress Your Best for that type of position.
3) Ask intelligent questions.
4) research as much you can about the Company, the job, the interviewer.
5) Be on time, offer a firm handshake, maintain a positive and confident disposition. Smile throughout, and speak with a clear and energetic voice.
6) Do not bad mouth your prior employer(s).
7) Role play the interview, and the types of questions you may be asked.

How Should We Pray for a Job or Anything We Need?

1) We must pray with a grateful and thankful heart.
2) We must pray for the right job persistently.
3) We must meditate daily with prayer and the word for our answer.
4) We must pray with faith, expecting that God will answer our prayer.
5)  Never pray with the wrong frame of mind such as lack of faith, with anger, frustration, impatience.
6)  God’s word and promises in the Bible is his will so we do not need to pray “Lord if it is your will.  This only limits results – since it is in the word than it is God’s will, period! John 5 Vs. 14
7) Your prayer should be based upon the word of God. We need to master the words of the bible relative to answered prayer, so that we can unlock the maximum blessings that result when we pray correctly! Yes as earnestly as we study for an exam or assignment, or as we prepare for a job interview!

Indeed, you should pray to God just like you should conduct yourself and your words in the midst of a job interview!  You are alert, respectful, upright, confident and enthusiastic, meditating on every “word” the interviewer says.  You exude confidence, positiveness, and with a spirit of expectancy.  How much more should we express ourselves when we pray to our creator!  In the later case though, we must focus on the respect, faith and humility.

Let’s close with the following powerful message from God:

2 Chronicles 7:14: If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

God Bless You!

Robert Rite

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