For us Mere Mortals it seems at Times that to Wait with Faith in God is Really Hard

But as we will see, the Bible Reveals Many Blessings for those Who Persevere, and are willing to Wait with faith on The Lord

We human beings in general are such impatient souls.  We live in an era of great “convenience”, loaded with instant gratification.  We all want it now!  Tomorrow is too late!  We have


Abraham's Faith

been spoiled by modern times to getting results quickly.  We can get information and we can communicate instantly with many electronic gadgets and tools.  We have so many conveniences, large flat panel televisions, super fast computers.  But these are all just “gadgets and things”, earthly conveniences and possessions.  The things that really matter in life should not and do not come quickly, and this is where our faith and trust in God, or lack thereof, can lead us to great things or to a path of destruction, or lifelong regret and suffering.

But unfortunately, since we have all been programmed into getting what we want quickly, when crisis, opportunities, or situations that require great reflection are required – many hastily try to manipulate our circumstances if we have little or no faith and trust in God, or when God does not provide an immediate response to our requests.

We deplore long lines or traffic jams without quickly losing patience.  We would rather take chances and gamble our money away with aggressive day trading tactics, options, derivatives, lottery tickets and related get rich quick schemes, rather than having faith that God will provide, and trusting that God will help us in the long run due to our loyal faith in him.  We need to trust in God in times when serious decisions need to be made.  Some of us marry in haste instead of waiting on God to perhaps find us the right mate – and we see so many marriages ending in divorce today because of this lack of faith and trust in our creator.

So many needless mistakes are committed in our lives simply because we do not have the faith to trust that God will direct our paths, and even when we do, we then do not have the faith on the Lord to open paths to success for us.  It is human nature it seems, to just try to take matters into our own hands rather than having to wait for God to help resolve our problems or open doors of opportunity and blessings for us.  We fail to realize that the Lord requires our faith in all we do, and it is faith in God, that proves to God that we really trust and believe in his sovereignty over all things, us included.

Impatience almost always leads to big mistakes in life.  God stands at our door and knocks, wanting us to demonstrate our faith in him, so that he can offer us abundant blessings. It is better to wait in faith for years for God’s blessings in our life, than to make hasty decisions that can lead us to a life of misery and regret.  This sadly happens to too many people who in their old age look back with great regret due to their lack of faith and trust on the Lord, and the consequences thereof.  Unfortunately this scenario plays out for too many people, generation to generation.

There are no shortcuts in life, and the straight and wide road almost always leads us to a “dead” end.

It May Not Be Easy to Wait on God in Faith, But it is Worth the Wait.

It is true that to wait and trust in the Lord takes a lot of faith.  True faith takes:
1) Patience
2) Humility
3) Courage
4) Resistance to temptation from within and from others
5)  Resistance to the fear of failure
6) Resistance to trying to compete with others, and to overcome jealousy and covetousness
7) Resistance to the pleasures of this world rather than the sacrifice of waiting with faith on God

But when we wait with faith on the Lord, only good things will result.  When we make hasty decisions through our lack of faith and trust we get what we deserve…..tragedy and suffering in our lives.  But when we wait with faith on the Lord, we will receive the best that God has planned for us in our lives!  The bible pretty much guarantees this as it is a natural spiritual law.

Why Does God Not Respond to our Needs or Requests at Times?

What many do not realize is that when we pray to God for something, it is very unwise to expect instant results or solutions from God.  let’s respect God for who he is – Almighty God.  It is not God’s job to serve us, it is our job to serve and honor him. Our faith and trust in him and willingness to wait in him separates his people from the others.  Sometime we do not get what we pray for because it is not good for us, or the timing is not right.  Or perhaps God has other better plans for our life.   It may take God time to clear the path for us, to open the doors for us, to heal us, etc.  Perhaps we are not getting what we want because God is trying to protect us from tragedy if we get what we want or desire!

And of course God may make us wait, to test our faith and trust in him.  That is his right.  In Genesis we read how God tested Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by making them wait many years to receive their blessings!  And they were God’s chosen!  Of course God delivered, in God’s time, and they were blessed abundantly – because of their faith and trust in God!  If God made his chosen wait for their blessings in order to test their faith and trust in him, should we in vanity expect instant answers, without God testing our faith and trust in him?

God will provide the best solutions for us in his time not ours.

God rewards those who wait on him in faith with much better results than we can ever accomplish on our own.  God sees and knows our future and our potential.  It is extremely arrogant of us mere mortals to think that we know better than God almighty!  We need to let go and lot God in every major decision that we make.

When to Wait on the Lord and to Seek God’s Guidance:

Obviously we do not need to seek God’s guidance on our daily responsibilities.  We need to take care of ourselves and eat a balanced diet.  We need to avoid situations that lead to sin.  We need to take care of our families and loved ones. If we pray for God to find us a job, and we just sit back without sending out resumes or networking for opportunities, well then most likely we will end up living in the street!

But we must seek God’s guidance in all major decisions in life such as marriage, purchasing a home, rearing children, resolving family crisis, dealing with sickness and diseases, marital problems, and all major life changing situations in our life.

How to Wait on God with faith and Trust?

This one is actually very simple.  Faith comes from reading the bible and hearing the word of God.  Read Romans 10:17  The more we read the bible and seek to know the Lord, the more that we will understand God and what God expects of us.  This knowledge will gradually lead us closer to God, and eventually we will receive Gods guidance and we will be able to listen to God speaking to us in our heart and mind.   Folks this is not hard.  The more we fellowship with each other, the more we understand what we are like deep inside – and it is exactly that way with God.  The more we read and seek God’s guidance, the closer we get to our creator.

What does the Bible have to say about Faith and Trust in God?

Let me wrap up this important message with bible references as to why we should wait on God with faith and trust, and the incredible benefits & blessings of having Faith and trust in our creator God:

Genesis 17:1 Noah walked faithfully before God and only he and his family was spared from the great flood that ended all other life on earth
Genesis 17:1  Abram (Abraham) was asked by God to walk faithfully, so that he could reap all of the blessings that God would promise him and his descendants as a result of his faith, and he would be tested several times to prove his faith in God.
Numbers 12:7 God had chosen Moses to lead all his people to the promised land and one of his greatest traits was that he was very faithful
Deuteronomy 11:13:  Reveals that God is faithful, so as his potential future children – shouldn’t we be faithful?
Isaiah 64:4  Teaches us that God will respond to those who wait on him
Psalm 4:3 God will set aside for him those who are Godly (faithful)
Psalm 25:3 No one who Waits on God will regret it or be ashamed in any way
Psalm 40:4 Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord
1 Chronicles 5:20 God answers the prayers of those who trust in him
1 Samuel 2:9 God will guard the feet of his faithful servants (his saints)
1 Kings 9:4  Shows us that God admired King David because of his faithfulness in God.
Daniel 6:23 Daniel was protected from lions in a lion’s den due to his trust and faith in God
Mathew 9:22 & Mark 5:34  Jesus teaches us that our faith can heal us!
Mathew 17:20 Jesus teaches us that with true and strong faith, we can literally move mountains
Luke 5:20 teaches us that our through faith, our sins are forgiven
Romans 5:1  We are justified thru faith in God
Romans 12:3 Teaches us that God will reward us in accordance to our faith.
Ephesians 3:17 Reveals that God dwells in the hearts of those who have faith.
Hebrews 11:6  Without faith it is impossible to please God
Revelation 17:14  With Jesus in heaven, will be the faithful!

Folks, let us wait upon the Lord with faith.  Let us trust God in all important areas of our lives….being reassured on how the biblical record reveals great rewards upon those who seek the lord in all of their life’s challenges!

May God bless you.

Robert Rite

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