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Signs in the Heavens

This Bible blog was created by me, Robert Rite to share many posts written by me (with credits where deserved), as well as information on my books.  I believe  that you will be blessed with many posts that will open your eyes to the true God.  If you find the information in this site beneficial to you, all I ask is that you share this site with others that they might also find hope, peace and answers within the articles and messages that I provide here.  Much more importantly I hope these articles inspire you to read and share the Holy Bible – the Inspired words of God, with your loved ones and all who seek divine answers in these difficult times. All glory belongs to God Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Amen.

Learn many of the marvelous teachings that God has inspired many prophets and writers throughout the ages to share with us within the Holy Bible.  

This site will focus a good percentage of its articles on current events and prophecy so that we can understand the signs of the times as most of us can clearly see that the end times seem to be approaching at an accelerating pace.  Also, 50% of the subject matter within the bible itself is related to prophecy.  So obviously it is important to God that we understand or at least make an effort to understand prophecy.

Ironically, most churches – even christian based denominations never discuss bible prophecy, perhaps because the bible seminary schools do not include prophecy in their curriculum!  it sure seems like Satan has a grasp on everything that matters most these days, huh?!  Well things will be different in this blog, because bible prophecy will be an important part of our studies.

Nevertheless, other than bible prophecy, we will also address many other important areas, such as the power of prayer, spiritual healing, how to cope in times of crisis, and other important subject matters.  I have added many articles that I hope will enlighten you, and create a desire in your heart to learn as such as you can about all of the facts, mysteries and secrets disclosed in the Holy Bible, the inspired word of God Almighty.

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May God bless you and enrich your journey through life!

Robert Rite

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