What is the Relationship between God and Satan?

What is Satan’s role here on earth?

We know from the bible that in the very beginning before man was created angelic beings already existed in heaven.  One of them was God’s most beautiful creation, Lucifer – who was the chief guardian of Gods throne.  In

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time, Lucifer became envious of God and coveted God’s position in heaven.  He wanted to become greater than his creator God!   Here is a prime reason why covetousness is one of the 10 great sins!

Well Lucifer through his arrogance, self adulation, lust for power, greed and pride became corrupted and his jealousy soon turned to rage and hatred.  Lucifer (Satan), and 1/3 rd of the Angels rebelled against God, and were cast out of heaven.  Lucifer thus became Satan (Satan means Adversary for good reason).  Satan’s army of fallen angels became demons.  We read about this in Isaiah 14:12-15 and Ezekiel 28:11-19

Why Did God Create Satan?

God did not originally create a devil or Satan.  But I would suspect that since God knows all things, that God already knew this would happen and God already had a plan in store to deal with this situation, and to somehow create good out of this mutiny.  God created Lucifer who became Satan by his rejection of God.  Just like God created us in his image, but when we reject God we in essence become a sinner and follower of Satan – defacto.

What is the Relationship between God and Satan?

In God’s mysterious ways, he permitted Satan to exist despite Satan’s rebellion against God.  God perhaps chose to use Satan as a testing instrument to prove the worthiness of human beings whom God would later create, so that we would have the freedom to choose between God and Satan (Good and Evil), and allow us to cultivate within our soul the potential to persevere and become children of God.

What is Satan’s Role Here on Earth?

Satan is our nemesis on earth, and our adversary and accuser in heaven – constantly accusing us before God. I believe that the reason Satan hates us all is because he knows that we have the potential of becoming children of God and occupants of God’s kingdom in paradise, if we can persevere against Satan’s temptations and from sin!  In Genesis we learn that God made us in his own image (Genesis 1:26-27).

What Was Our Originally Intended Role on Earth?

God intended from the beginning, that man would rule the earth, and NOT Satan.  Upon creating man, the first thing God did to mankind was to bless us and to grant us dominion over the whole earth (Genesis 1:28).  Did you know that the tree of life was in the garden of Eden, and that God did not forbid Adam and Eve from eating from  the tree of life (Genesis 2:9)!  This is the same tree that will be in Heaven when we return to paradise (Revelation 22:2)!  Wow, we can surmise from this that had Adam and Eve not eaten from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of Good and evil, that they would eventually be led by God to the tree of life and therefore they would have NEVER died!   Yes, they would have lived forever!  This is confirmed in Genesis when God permanently blocked Adam and Eve from access to the tree of life (just like sin blocks us from heaven and eternal life). Read Genesis 3:22-24.

It could have been heaven on earth from the very beginning with God living and walking amongst us here on earth (read Genesis 3:8)

Unfortunately for us all, we lost our opportunity for total dominion over the earth and eternal life right here on this earth (Genesis 3:22-24) when Satan deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden into committing original sin.  Indeed, we could have been like our creator God and become immortal had it not been for original sin.

So Satan was very cunning and he deceived them into believing that by eating from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil that we would become like God – and that they would not die if they ate from this tree.  Due to original sin mankind acquired a sin nature and thereby we all came under the curse of being subject to sin, pain, suffering, sickness, and death (Genesis 3:16-17).  Original sin allowed Satan temporary reign over the earth (until Jesus the Messiah returns).

How The Curse brought about by Satan Can Become Our Ticket to Eternal Life!

Satan’s rebellion will lead him to eternal death. What Satan wanted to be the outcome for all of mankind – that will be the sentence for Satan – he will surely die when God establishes his eternal kingdom right here on earth!

God sent Jesus Christ to earth in the form of a mortal man – and by living a sinless life, Jesus will now rule this earth and the universe upon his return!

Upon Jesus death and resurrection, we were all granted the gift of the Holy Spirit, which can strengthen us spiritually so that we can resist sin, and develop a desire to know, love, trust and serve god.  And as we cultivate this relationship, we gradually come to know what a perfect nature God possesses, and we become more and more interested in reading the bible and getting to know more about God.  All the Satan inspired lusts of the flesh are gradually replaced by love, kindness, mercy and all of the traits of our Lord and savior Jesus!

Through the sanctifying blood of Jesus Christ death on the cross, mankind, a much inferior mortal being than Satan or Angelic beings, can now become children of Almighty God and enjoy the gift of eternal life.

Upon our acceptance of Christ as Lord and savior, we can secure eternal life in God’s presence forever and share in this inheritance as His adopted children.  Read (Matthew 7:7-8). That my friends, is the message behind the gospel (the good news)

Now how is that for a very happy ending!

God Bless You!

Robert Rite

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